When Walt Disney Designed the Perfect Town Was Melrose His Inspiration?

By: Linda O'Koniewski

The Quintessential Perfect Place to Live and Work

When Walt Disney wanted to plan the perfect place to live, a community that created the best living experience – a utopia if you will -, he researched what made certain places so desirable and built a community called Celebration, Florida.


       Celebration City Hall                                                      Melrose City Hall


       Celebration, Florida                                                   9 Sixth Street, Melrose


      Celebration, Florida                                                    8 Stratford Road, Melrose


His philosophy was a New Urbanism.  He knew people wanted to be near work, have tree-lined streets with sidewalks, parks and ball fields sprinkled throughout the villages of his new smart city.  He knew he needed a mix of architecture and housing – from affordable and charming condos and bungalows to luxury homes and estates that provided an early 20th Century feel.  He knew that neighbors liked to gather on porches and enjoy the views and the energy of what was happening around them. 

When we heard this description, we immediately thought of our fabulous burg, Melrose!  We have an amazing downtown center anchored by a vigorous YMCA with great youth and adult programs and clubs for exercise, swimming, yoga, play and camps.  Melrose is a place where kids can hop on their bikes or walk to their soccer, tennis or ballet practice. 

We’ll share more of our “little somethings” next week and in the meantime, check out “Our Town: Melrose, MA” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKrrJsvv4H4.