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Helping Buyers Focus - Too Many Options Paralyze Decisions

Helping Buyers Focus - Too Many Options Paralyze Decisions 

By Linda O’Koniewski 

Years ago I heard an NPR story that I found enlightening as it related to real estate.  An Ivy League economics professor who was studying how people made purchasing decisions discovered something most counter-intuitive.  Her study was sparked by her Saturday romps through her New York City neighborhood, which often included a 

stop at her favorite gourmet grocery store.  This Economic Professor loved to visit the store, take in the aromas and admire the grand selection of fine foods and quality products.  She observed that there were over 200 different kinds of mustards at this specialty shop.

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What Should Your House Smell Like When It's For Sale?

What Should Your House Smell Like When It’s For Sale?

By Linda O’Koniewski

A common mistake sellers make is trying to create special odors with candles or sprays when they are selling their house.  There are two problems when this happens: allergies flare and that can turn off some sensitive buyers, and others wonder, “What are they hiding?’

When selling your house, buyers do not want to smell anything but clean.  No potpourri, no candles, no air fresheners, no apple pies, no bread, no cooking smells (fish and ethnic foods especially), no pet or children’s odors.  Prospective buyers are naturally suspect if they feel you are masking something unpleasant. 

According to the amazing stager Blair Hamaty of Setting the Space, “If you can smell it, you can’t sell it.  A seller’s lifestyle is their lifestyle, but someone who doesn’t share that lifestyle won’t buy that home. Staging smells are clean, fresh, open windows.  A home can’t be musty; people are scared to death of mold. Fresh paint is a clean smell and it helps sell a property.” 

Walking into a home that smells like the cleaning crew just left is a great sensation.  Cleaning products made of citrus create the desired effect.  I’ve heard my mother tell clients, “If you don’t have time to clean just spray the Lemon Pledge.”  We carry it in the back of our cars and have been known to deploy it in open houses when needed.

Inspire a Bidding War - Part 4

Inspiring a Bidding War Part 4 by Linda O'Koniewski

Strategy for a bidding war must include setting a time frame for reviewing offers.  Sellers should see a lot of action in both strong and weak markets if their house comes on the market new with the following details: in excellent condition, staged, painted to appeal to buyers, and accompanied by a powerful internet presence, including exemplary photographs and priced so that all buyers looking in that price range perceive it to be a good value.  Read More »